Saturday, September 25, 2010

Taking a break from video games for a bit......

I'm gonna take a break from my classic video game posts.

I'm just gonna post a few videos with some delicious music today.

First is from a guy on youtube named Bliix. It is a metal version of From Paris to Berlin by Infernal.

Next on the list is one of my favorite artists for whatever reason. Doctor Steel with his song We Decide It.

Finally is a fellow on youtube with the user name the401drummer or Kevin Figs as he is known in real life. He has taken a notsogood song and turned it into something good.

I hope you enjoy Bliix's guitar playing, Doctor Steel's "craziness" and Kevin Figs drumming.


  1. Holy crap that 'From paris to berlin' version is awesome!

  2. Nice post! I'm following you, moar video games! <3

  3. Interesting music, But nice. Cool post, bro! =D

  4. nothign wrong with taking a break some times other piroties in llife have to come first

  5. If i took a break from video games I'd die!

  6. Great post, showing some love, keep it up =)

  7. Pretty badass songs D;

    far from my indie/folk xD